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Welcome to Skylarulz, home to quality bred & family raised, purebred Champion Amstaffs.

Australian Champion Biotite Rumours


kooda is our beautiful blue and white foundation bitch.
She has made her mark in the showring under international & australian judges.
Kooda had a perfect top line, correct head, feminine & graceful.
Kooda has a perfect scissor bite, she has the most gental temprament & loves everthing.

Kooda always performs great in the ring & has alot of great wins,
we are so happy with what she has achieved so far.
We want to grand title our beautiful girl & she is just about half way there already.
She has been DNA profiled & loved and conditioned by Hera & Tiana.
We love our boo delicious

Born: 27/4/05
Bred by: Miss.D.A.Spinazza


Her best friend is our cat, they sleep on the bed together, eat out of the same bowl & clean each other,
its so lovely to see that kind of nature.
She even loves cleaning our mini lop rabbit's ears!!

Kooda is now retired and spends her days at home with her best friend Alena!
These two are inseparable and neither likes going anywhere without the other!

About 1 and a half years ago, Kooda was bitten by a Red Bellied Black Snake ().
After getting anti-venom, we thought she had recovered without any problems until 6 months later we found a cancerous tumour in her bladder.
Kooda then had surgery to remove the tumour and after all the worry Kooda recovered very successfully!

Since then we have decided on natural remedies to treat her.
We have tried a few different types of things,
At this moment we are using Vitamin C tablets and hemp seed oil and so far we have had no sign of the cancer!!
Through everything Kooda has stayed strong and has kept her beautiful nature!
An amazing dog and part of our family.

Skylarulz Amstaffs Copyright. Annabelle Taylor Copyright.