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Welcome to Skylarulz, home to quality bred & family raised, purebred Champion Amstaffs.


SKYLARULZ puppies will be sold with ANKC pedigree papers and
will come wormed, free of fleas, vet checked, vaccinated,
microchiped and free of ATAXIA and health problems through parentage.
SKYLARULZ breed for temperament and a dog that does not meet
our standards for temperament and health will not be part of our breeding program.

When buying a SKYLARULZ puppy, you are agreeing that:

    - If in future you ever have to resell you puppy/dog you agree
to sell the puppy/dog back to SKYLARULZ Kennel no matter the age.

    - Puppies sold on limited register can not be bred from and will
not be changed to main register.

    - If you put a deposit down on a puppy it will not be refunded if
you change your mind.

    - If you buy a puppy and need SKYLARULZ Kennel to hold the
puppy for a period of time, you will need to pay any excess fee's.

    - Puppies sold long distance, overseas or to a different state can
be sent via plane for a fee.

    - After puppies are out of our care, any medical condition not caused
by parentage is not our concern, we will give advice but will not
hold responsibility for costs.

    - If SKYLARULZ is informed that you are mistreating your
puppy/dog we have the right to take your puppy/dog from
you and rehome it.
You will get a percentage of your money back.

Please remember that puppies will not stay puppies for long
and will grow into a medium to large size adult dog with a lifespan average of 12 years or more.
So before buying your new family member, please make sure you are ready to make such a commitment.


Stud fee must be paid in advance to mating and a petrol fee must be
paid if SKYLARULZ is to travel long distance.

If mating is unsuccessful, stud fee is nonrefundable,
instead SKYLARULZ will give one more mating for free
a pedestrian test for your bitch is recommended.

If frozen semen is unsuccessful SKYLARULZ will not give more semen
for free and will not refund your money as semen is tested and healthy, more semen will be available for another fee.

Skylarulz Amstaffs Copyright. Annabelle Taylor Copyright.